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Service: Websites


school website design

beautifully designed school websites with outstanding functionality

A strong online presence is one of the most crucial and effective marketing tools your school will have. Your school website needs to be designed to create the right first mpression. At School Website we develop powerful school brands by understanding the culture of your school and the behaviours of your audience.  

BE Responsible, Be responsive

A responsive website simply means that it was built in such a way that it will actively adapt itself to whatever device is being used to view it, be that a laptop, iPad or smartphone; in every instance modifying its layout so that you will still have the best access and view of all the content, images and menus.

For example, when a parent or pupil accesses your school website through their desktop, they are getting the full view of the site. And when that same visitor goes to your website through their smartphone or tablet, your site will automatically modify itself to fit on the smaller screen. 

We’ve seen a 25% increase in enquiries that we can contribute directly to our new website!
Cransley School

    OUR FOUR STAGE APPROACH to website design

    01. creative

    The outcome of the creative stage is not just to produce a beautiful looking new website, but also to create something that successfully caters to your stakeholders and ensures the look and feel of your school is successfully captured.

    02. content

    Providing content for your school website can be daunting. Our aim is to make this stage as easy on you as we can by supplying you with a content guide, templates and an easy way for you to upload it all to us.

    03. Build & handover

    It is then over to us to turn your visuals and content into a fully functioning and beautiful website. We’re as excited as you to go live with your website, and to ensure all is working well we’ll even give you full control to test beforehand.

    04. training & support

    We want to ensure you’re comfortable with your website and the CMS that powers it, Fluency™. That’s why you and your team will receive training no matter what your level of experience, tailor made to you, with our dedicated support team on hand to assist.

    what makes our cms the market leader?

    Fluency™ is without a doubt the most powerful, feature rich and flexible CMS available to the education sector. A bold statement we know, but if there is one thing that differentiates ourselves from our competitors it is the Fluency™ platform on which your new website will be built. 

    • Every School Website customer is always on the latest and greatest version and there are NEVER any unwanted upgrade fees later down the line as a result 
    • Fluency™ is maintained 24/7, 365 days a year by our team of developers
    • Our CMS was created specifically for the education sector by schools for schools 
    • Every customer automatically receives access to every new update without any cost, so the CMS keeps evolving to make sure you are future proofed for whatever new technology might bring.
    The Royal School

    e-commerce for schools

    E-commerce may have taken its time to make a presence in the education sector but much to the relief of many parents it is has finally arrived! Inexpensive and easily to implement, our e-commerce platform provides parents with the ability to make admissions and registration deposits as well as fees, not to mention a whole host of ad-hoc payments that need collecting from uniform to photos, tickets to merchandise, trips to the hiring out of facilities by enterprises. The same goes for alumni, with an abundance of events that require registration and subsequent payment.

    E-commerce is here to stay and its use amongst schools will only grow. The administrative and financial benefits to the school and its stakeholders are both numerous and significant, and our platform delivers on every front.


    Whilst many school website providers scurried around trying to create the 'World's first Apps for Schools' we took our time to develop something for our customers that really made a difference. We thought about what an App needed to do (and what it didn't need to do) and then set about producing a well designed, customer friendly application for day-to-day use. We then ensured that our App could be published on both mobile and tablet, on Apple and Android.

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    Award winning websites 

    Our work in web design and development has been recognised many times over the years. 2014 saw two more of School Website's projects win awards for outstanding design and functionality.

    In April, New Hall School won Gold for 'Best School Website' at the Essex Digital Award, followed by Cransley School winning the prestigious 'School Website of the Year' at the ISA (Independent School Association) Annual Conference Awards held in May.

    The double win highlights the exceptional team of designers and developers that makes School Website the market leaders.