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Service: Website Integrations



websites and plug-ins working in harmony

Our Content Management System (CMS) Fluency™ is not only strong it's flexible too! Designed to integrate with the IT systems that your school may already have in place, our flexible CMS means that data can easily flow between platforms resulting in less hassles for you and your IT team. 

seamless website INTEGRATION 

What you might not know is that in the UK alone, our Content Management System (CMS) Fluency™ integrates with more than 30 different platform providers – from Management Information systems (MIS), to learning management solutions, payment gateways and athletics applications to name just a few. In order to do this our CMS was built with a data services layer (or API as its often referred to) that interfaces directly with the other API’s of these platforms to allow for seamless integration and a single sign-on solution.

Over the last 18 months we have approached all of the major suppliers of systems and platforms in the US market and verified our ability with each to integrate. In each case we have a specification for that integration that we can share and have already completed the vast majority with our early adopters. However if there is a platform with whom we’ve not yet integrated, worry not – if the other suppliers in the market do it then so can we! Consider it a given like our UK clients already do and concentrate on choosing a digital marketing partner that offers the right creative approach, technology and relationship for your school.

Curious to learn more about our website integrations? Contact one of our school specialists today!


Not everything you want to communicate to your constituents belongs in the public domain.  School Website’s portals are the perfect way of communicating with your many different audiences from within a secure environment. 

However, at School Website, our portals come with a difference. The design is not pre-defined in layout, it has the same customized look and feel as the individual website that we’ve created for you. No templates here….. just an effortless experience for your constituents as they move seamlessly from the public facing website to the secure area of your website (‘the portal’).

design is not just how it looks & feels like. design is how it works.
Steve Jobs