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School Website Designers

Websites With a British Twist

From humble beginnings as a small UK start-up, School Website has enjoyed tremendous success. Today, we work with and support the digital marketing efforts of more than 400 private schools worldwide and are recognised as an organisation that continues to redefine the benchmark in school website design. Our client list is undoubtedly the most prestigious of independent schools in the world, with Charterhouse, Oundle, Radley, Repton in the UK and Beau Soleil, Kings' Dubai and Brighton College International representing just a few of the most recognised global brands with whom we work.

    so what are we doing in the Us you ask?

    Well you’ve only got yourselves to blame for that one, as well as an industry that we believe lacks credible competition. With a marketplace dominated by just two suppliers (following their acquisitions of other smaller school website design specialists) we found more and more US private schools were getting in touch to see if we would work with them. Having shown them what we do and how we do it, superlatives such as 'WOW' and 'game-changer' quickly followed. This left us with little doubt that expansion into the US market would not only represent good business sense for School Website, but offer the market a new benchmark in creativity, technology and support.

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      Integrations, intregations and more integrations

      If there is one difference between the UK and US independent school market that we can see it is the emphasis put on integration. While in the UK market it is considered more of a given that one platform will be able to talk to another, or offer single-sign-on (SSO),
      many conversations with prospective US clients center around integration – more specifically their frustration in the lack of it. In addition many schools have expressed their displeasure with the dominance of the two big suppliers in the market in having already integrated with many of those products, making it difficult to leave them. So you'll be happy to hear that integration is not an issue for our US clients.

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      The brawn behind the beauty our website technology

      Without revealing some of our key USP’s, it’s no secret that our unique focus on blending technology and innovation has given us the reputation as market leaders in education content management.  Our Fluency CMS platform not only maintains an ease of use so intuitive that you already know how to use it, but also a collection of features, functionality and tools that elevates its users to the pinnacle of their digital marketing powers. Not just for the technology of today, but also tomorrow.

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      support beyond the basics

      When other providers say support, they mean a 'Help Desk'. We don’t. We mean a relationship. A partnership. A commitment to do all we can to help you meet all of your marketing and communications goals. 

      Yes, of course we will answer your technical questions, but our dedicated client Marketing team are there to support and extend your existing team, our Account Managers to support you strategically, our Tech guys to provide solutions to your online problems and our Developers to make sure you enter data once, have single sign on (SSO) and all your website integrations work seamlessly. 

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