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Service: Strategy


school marketing strategy

creating a strategy for success

Having a Digital Marketing Strategy in place as part of your overall marketing plan is crucial. A good digital strategy should be well informed, targeted and focused but also realistic. But where do you begin and what do you include? At School Website we don't just build websites; we work with schools to help create a strategy for success!


Each project with School Website begins in the same manner; examining your school's position in the marketplace, identifying your competitors, understanding your target audience and measuring your school's level of brand recognition and reputation.

Understanding your school's positioning is the first step in creating a powerful strategy to be used across all your marketing efforts. 

From the outset of the project, quality was the key focus from both sides of this partnership. Our requirements were listened to and understood. 
Millas School


    01. REsponsive websites will dominate

    Responsive websites have been a hot topic for the past few years but now it’s no longer a matter of talking about the importance, it’s a necessity. And for an agency of any calibre, responsiveness will now be a mandatory feature that will be included in all website builds. 
    With the use of mobile devices is on the rise your school website needs to look, act and feel as powerful on a mobile device as it does on a desktop.

    02.multimedia mania

    Video marketing is a powerful trend across all businesses with more and more schools recognising their value. Whether it’s a student led referral, a parent taping of a school sports game or a professionally made promotional production, videos have a way of touching the viewer in a way that can’t be achieved by text and images alone. Expect to see more schools using video to promote their school in 2015.

    03. seo will go local

    Localised searches are going to feature more in 2015. Ensuring Google knows where your school is will be important as they look to return results that are closer to home and more relevant. More frequently, web users are searching for schools 'near me' and this is where localisation comes into play. By identifying your school’s location, you're giving yourself the best opportunity for parents and pupils that are local to find you. Make sure you're on Google's radar!

    04. e-commerce explosion

    E-commerce has continued to rise year on year, but for schools you can expect to see a massive increase in the ability for parents and pupils to register and make purchases online. In 2015 everything will be on the visitor’s terms and that includes when and where they shop. With e-commerce your school shop is available to them 24/7. Anticipate more and more parents and pupils expecting this option on their school website. 

    No matter what changes are on the horizon for 2015, we can expect a fast moving and exciting year ahead for school marketers!


    Once your strategy has been established, we'll help you put it into place. We'll work with you to ensure that your social media, content, web and print strategies are aligned to achieve the best possible outcome. Done correctly, the implementation of a digital marketing strategy will make you a much more effective marketer – at half the work!

    measuring your success

    No marketing strategy is worth anything if there's isn't a plan in place to measure the success of your efforts. We'll help you to set up analytics tracking and interpret your data to see if you're putting your marketing efforts where you should. A lot of marketers (schools included) do the same things year on year, but if you're not seeing a ROI is it worth repeating? 

    3 simple steps TO SUCCESS

    Although each school’s digital marketing strategy will be unique, there are some fundamental steps that will apply to each of you:

    • Research – where is your school now and where do you want to be?
    • Create and implement your plans 
    • Measure, learn and evolve 

    Keep these steps in mind when creating your strategy and remember ... we're always here to help.