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Service: Website Design


Website Design for Schools

school website design

easy to manage, custom designed school websites 

In today's digital world a strong online presence is one of the most effective marketing tools your school will have. Your school website needs to be designed to create the right first impression and just as important, it needs to be easy for your team to update.  At School Website we develop powerful school brands that put you in the driver's seat.

our website design approach

Technology has changed the world in a very short space of time. How we behave, view information, interact and socialize are all very different to just three years ago. In three more years, they will be even more different than today.

So it only makes sense that how we design and build websites should have changed dramatically in the last three years as well. Logical right? Yet still we see so many website agencies focusing their attention on creating ‘pretty pictures that prospective parents might like’. Arguing as to how big the logo should be (if indeed they can agree in the first place what version they should be using) or what shade of red used looks best on their monitor.

Not so at School Website. We take an audience centric, data-driven and scientific approach to creative. Again, we blend design with technology, innovation, experience and data – so to produce designs that still wow their audience, but are responsible for the delivery of so much more than that. 

Website Design Approach For Schools
We’ve seen a 25% increase in enquiries that we can contribute directly to our new website!
Cransley School
Responsive Websites For Schools

responsive websites are a given

Where some design agencies are scrambling to keep up with the lastest technological advancements, at School Website we're creating them! We don't wait for changes to come to us, we pride ourselves on being one step ahead of the curve. That's why when Google announced this April that they'd be penalizing websites in search results if they weren't mobile-friendly, our clients could rest easy knowing their search engine (SEO) rankings wouldn't suffer. At School Website a fully responsive website comes standard, meaning no matter what type of device a parent or student may be viewing your your school website on, they'll have the best possible user experience. Still not sure what a 'responsive' website is? Click the image on the left and in less than 2 minutes you'll have your answer!

The Royal School

the cutting-edge technology behind each website

Our Content Management System (CMS) Fluency™ is the driving force behind our websites. Created specifically for the education sector, our cutting-edge CMS has 16 built-in features designed to make the day-to-day upkeep of your website a breeze. And we don’t charge for modules or updates, have different versions, impose platform upgrade fees or have older customers being punished for their long service with us by telling them their platform is not defunct and unsupported. Every School Website customer is on the latest and greatest version of our fully integrable platform. Every customer is future proofed and protected from changes in technology. Every customer loves our platform, is excited each time we update it with new features and understands that they are working with a platform several years ahead of the competition.

Learn more about our Content Management System, Fluency™ below!

School Website CMS Technology

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

We can't really talk about websites without discussing what happens once they go live into the big, bad world of cyber-space. At School Website we don't just cross our fingers and hope your website is a success, we'll work with your marketing team to ensure that it's properly optimised to be found on search engines! Whether that means training your own in-house team or providing full SEO support as an added service, our dedciated SEO experts won't just leave all your hard-work to chance. Interested in knowing more about the support you can expect from School Website? Visit our client support section.

is website integration a concern for you?

We understand how important it is for your school website to integrate fully and seamlessly with your existing plug-ins such as your Management Information System (MIS) and e-commerce module. So you'll be happy to learn our CMS Fluency™ integrates easily and fully with more than 30 different platform providers. And that number continues to grow! To learn more, visit our section on website integrations

visit our portfolio

Websites are a team effort at School Website and we're proud to show off the hard work of our developers and designers. We've created award winning websites for schools of all type and sizes. From small primary schools through to large private schools, we work with you to ensure your new website reflects the culture of your unique school. Visit our portfolio to see a sampling of our most recent work.