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Service: SEO


search engine optimisation (SEO) for schools 

getting your school noticed

Making your school website highly visible on search engines should be a priority for every school. If your school website hasn’t been optimised with the right keywords no matter how nice your site may look, parents and pupils just won’t find you. 

How does Seo work?

Search engines scour the web every day gathering information about web pages in a vast database. When someone uses a search engine to look for a school, whether yours appears near the top of the search results depends on the information you've provided them. To ensure your school website appears near the top, your site needs to be optimised with key terms that parents and pupils will be searching on. 

As part of our website builds we offer SEO support, teaching you how to optimise your school website from day one. 

our website now gets thousands of hits per month. Parents use it as their main source of information about the school.
City of Norwich


    01.increaseD traffic

    An optimised school website will mean a higher ranking in Google search results and more visitors to your website. More visitors mean more online enquiries and applications!

    02. minimal costs

    Because SEO can be done by your own school administrators there is virtualy no cost associated with it. Alternatively outsource the work to us and comparitive to most online marketing ventures the cost is still minimal.

    03. increased brand reputation

    People trust Google. They know that relevant, quailty content is their remit. Therefore by showing up in Google search results you automatically gain brand rank credibility.

    04. high roi

    With such a low cost associated with SEO your return on investment is substantially higher than other advertising investments. See the power of SEO for yourself and understand why!

    seo support for schools

    We offer SEO support for our clients lead by our own in-house experts who will share their knowledge, insight and tips. Taking a consultative approach, our specialists will guide you through the process of optimising your school website until you’re comfortable managing it yourself. By the end of the process you’ll have gained valuable SEO knowledge that you can apply to your own school website moving forward. 


    For those schools who don't have the manpower to optimise and manage their own SEO, we've got you covered. Our SEO services are tailored exclusively towards the education sector and include a wide assortment of activities geared towards increasing the visibility of your school website. Our affordable monthly packages are designed to meet the specific goals and requirements of each school and as such are tailored accordingly. 

    why invest in seo?

    SEO is one of the best investments for your online marketing budget. It is one of the most cost-effective and measurable ways to drive parents and pupils to your school website. Without an optimised site your school risks losing out on valuable exposure. Why invest in a website that can't be found?