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Responsive Design & Apps: The Facts

Responsive Design & Apps: The Facts

Much of our #TechInSchools month has been spent debating the advantages apps and responsively designed websites give schools in terms of marketing.

Our Don't Use Technology Just Because You Can blog post and the majority of our tweets (below) concerning the debate seem to conclude that every school website should have responsive design, whilst apps should be used to solve a problem or enhance the user's experience rather than replace mobile websites all together. 

However, it is all well and good us providing our opinion but there needs to be some evidence to support what we claim... 

Below are 9 interesting facts about mobile apps and websites usage on smartphones and tablets in the UK.

  • 89% of 18-24 (students) and 71% of 45-54 (parents) own smartphones
  • 12% of 18-24 and 17% of 45-54 own tablets
  • 77% use their smartphone to browse the internet - and 60% use their phone to search for a product
  • 63% use their smartphone to access an app
  • 75% of smartphone owners use the device to send or receive emails, underlining the importance of responsively designed email campaigns as well as websites
  • it is predicted that by the end of 2014, 138 billion mobile apps would have been downloaded worldwide
  • 40% prefer to use the internet to search for information via search engines compared to the 11% that prefer to do so using an app
  • more people prefer to use the internet (37%) to research product & service features over using an app (11%)
  • when purchasing a service (making an enquiry) 24% prefer to do so using the internet compared to 11% that use an app 

These facts show that although there is definitely a place for apps in your school's digital marketing plan, mobile websites and email campaigns are where most conversions are likely to come from.