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Service: Print


print & PuBLICATION design for schools

publications designed to get your school noticed

These days our dedicated print and prospectus design team is responsible for producing as many school prospectuses as websites. In fact a third of our business is actually producing both at once, making it easier to achieve a consistent message and brand identity across the two, whilst at the same time saving your school money.

prospectus design

When creating a school prospectus we don't follow the trends - we create them! Like our websites, originality and personality come standard. We take the time to understand your school and ensure that comes across in our prospectus design. And with our own in-house multimedia team, we can ensure you've got the right size and quailty images to convey your school ethos. 

If you're thinking digital for your prospectus, visit our multimedia section for an example of what we can create for your school!

looking for an alternative to print?

try turtl, the online publication tool

Want to cut your print costs? Looking to improve your communication engagement with parents and pupils? Bring your school's content to life with the visually stunning, animated reading experience called Turtl.

Turtl power

Use for literally any type of school publication, be it newsletters, prospectuses, invitations, annual publications – you name it Turtl does it. Make your publications even more engaging with the addition of video, audio, galleries and polls.

Click here to visit the Turt page and learn more about this incredible publication tool or book your on-line demo. Why not make some waves with your school marketing ... 

    Boxgrove Primary School

    copywriting and proofing for schools

    Writing effective and powerful copy is actually a lot more difficult than you would expect. There is far more to it than grammar and punctuation. Titles, strap lines and body text must work in harmony with one another to communicate your message in the most consistent and concise way.

    School Website's copywriters can either write your content in full or take your written copy and enhance it. We focus on the quality of the copy over the quantity to make an impact on the reader.

    We also offer a professional proofreading service to ensure your text, grammar, punctuality (I mean punctuation) and spelling is correct, as well as assessing both readability and tone. Utilising this service avoids any unwanted errors which can result in costly re-prints later down the line.

    school stationery

    We'll design a full suite of stationery for your school. Headed paper, business cards, compliments slips and continuation paper are some of the most regularily seen elements of a school's marketing resources. By having our team of designer create your school stationery we can ensure the end result is inline with your school brand.