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Service: PPC


pay per click (ppc) advertising for schools

one step ahead of the competition

Once viewed as the costly adversary of SEO, PPC is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of marketing online. Paid advertising on the internet is now, next to your website, one of the most effective ways to market your school.

ppc advertising for school

PPC advertising can be especially effective when your school presence is not found organically due to high keyword competition and can also be used to drive instant, relevant traffic to your website during key times of the year. Because of the competitiveness of PPC advertising during recruitment it is essential that your ads are closely monitored to ensure optimum results.

As organic SEO listings improve, your PPC campaigns should be amended and phrases altered to maximise the reach to your school both across organic and PPC searches. 

ppc advertising gets your school to #1– instantly!

    PPC platforms for your school marketing

    01. google adwords

    The biggest PPC platform in the world, Google Adwords is a platform your school needs to consider when planning your PPC strategy.

    02. Twitter ads

    A fairly new advertising platform in comparison to the others, Twitter ads can be very useful when looking to promote your school's profile. 

    03. facebook ads

    Facebook Ads allow targeting through interests amongst other criteria, unlike the keyword targeting that is used in search engines.

    04. linkedin ads

    Professionals that can be targeted on LinkedIn via their job titles allowing you to advertise to the type of people you'd like to attract.


    • Speed to market – PPC adverts and campaigns can be launched extremely quickly, directing relevant traffic to your school’s website almost instantly
    • Highly targeted website traffic – by targeting different demographics through location, ad scheduling, specific copy and, on some platforms, interests or job titles, the relevancy and quality of your school website’s visitors will increase
    • Increased brand awareness – due to the varied PPC platforms available and unlimited keywords you are able to target, your school will receive more web traffic and visibility online
    • Management over the marketing return of investment – unlike traditional advertising, PPC campaigns’ cost, conversion rate and ROI can be easily monitored and controlled

    our ppc services 

    We know PPC advertising is not an easy skill to learn. That's why School Website offers PPC services to ensure your school doesn't miss out on this growing opportunity. Our packages are tailored to meet the needs of your school and will work hand-in-hand with your SEO strategy. Our affordable monthly packages allow your school to immediately rank number one in Google searches. We build campaigns that get you noticed!

    does ppc really work for schools?

    School Website was commissioned in early 2014 by an Independent Sixth Form College to provide SEO and PPC services with three objectives in mind:

    1. to improve their school’s website Page Ranking on Google for selected keywords
    2. to increase traffic to their website and,
    3. to increase enquiries made through their school website (especially during key recruitment months)

    Click here to read our case study and learn how School Wesite was able to meet their objectives through the effective implementation of a SEO and PPC strategy.