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Service: Client Support


client support

supporting all your marketing goals

We take customer care very seriously. Equally as important to us as winning a client is keeping them. That's why at School Website we take our support beyond the 'Help Desk' to developing a relationship with one goal in mind  helping your school deliver on your marketing and communications goals.  

You've got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – Not the other way around. 
Steve Jobs

WE're in the relationship for the long-haul

We commit to supporting our customers on all levels of their digital marketing efforts and we do so without any extra cost as we believe that this type of support is integral to your success. In turn, your success brings us new opportunities through referral and recommendation and helps us build a long-term relationship, partnership and commitment to one another.

a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.
Michael LaBoeuf

support beyond your school website build

As important as your school website is, your overall online presence is equally as important. That's why at School Website we provide full marketing support to all our clients, ensuring your school gets exposure in your chosen markets. We'll work with you to develop your digital marketing strategy, optimise your website for search engines and tie in your social media strategy to be certain your over-all marketing goals are achieved. Click on the image left to hear what ACS International Schools has to say about their on-going partnership with School Website.

Millais School

free seo training & support

Search engine optimisation – or SEO as it is more commonly referred to – is (or should be!) a crutical component of your online strategy. As part of our on-going marketing support, our team of in-house experts will work with you to ensure that your new school website is fully optimised for search engines. Taking a consultative approach, our SEO specialists will guide you through the process of optimising your school website until you’re fully comfortable managing it yourself.

Don't have the manpower to optimise and manage their own SEO? No worries – we've got you covered with affordable monthly packages tailored to meet your particular SEO goals. 

free social media guidance & support

With social media now influencing not only buyers (think parents and pupils) decisions, but impacting your website's SEO rankings as well, having a strategy in place is now more important than ever before. At School Website we offer ongoing – and free – social media training and support to ensure your school's social media efforts are providing you with the best return on your investment. From linking your marketing objectives and determing your platforms, to monitoring your success through Google Analytics, our in-house social media experts are always just a call away to offer any support or guidance you may need. 

Do you want more support from your school website provider? You can! Contact us today!

complimentary Webinar training

As part of our ongoing support to clients and loyal followers, we offer free continued professional development in the form of webinars. Visit our webinar registration page for a list of our upcoming webinars or sign-up for our weekly marketing newsletter to get all the latest marketing advice as well as a reminder of any upcoming webinars you might be interested in!