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Service: Branding


branding for schools

creating a memorable brand 

You may think 'branding' is a corporate term but schools are some of the most recognisable brands we see from day to day. Seeing children in their uniform on the high street, the logos on those uniforms, the signs in and around school buildings, the school minibus driving around town  all of these things are part of your brand; reflecting your school and influencing peoples' opinions of it. 

Brand analysis

It's not possible to get to where you want to be, unless you know where you are. Only then can you get an idea of the scope of the journey. Building an objective assessment of how your brand is currently perceived in comparison with your competition is the cornerstone of establishing your new brand identity.

We provide both quantitative and qualitative research to answer some of the primary questions in the audit of your brand. Statistical data is complemented by more subjective analysis gained through listening to key internal and external stakeholders. The data collected is then analysed so to provide a snapshot of your brand versus its competitors.

Armed with an in-depth understanding of your school, its strengths, its weaknesses and how you compare with your competitors, we will then be able to establish the roadmap for developing your new brand identity.

Logo Design

School logos are some of the most recognisable symbols in a local area. They should be representative of your school, easily identifiable. Every detail of the school's marketing will follow your logo, from your headed paper to the livery on your minibus; your website to your prospectus. It's important you get it right.

School Website has helped many schools, colleges and educational organisations with logo creation. Whether we are starting from scratch or refreshing an existing motif, we offer the best of our design expertise throughout the process.

    brand creation

    We like to think of your brand identity as a person, a beautiful one of course. Our job is to nurture them, see they fulfill their potential and find their unique place in the world rather than just to 'beat the competition'.

    We make sure the brand we create for you can be itself and find a community of loyal friends, rather than show off, spend money and 'buy friends'. We want your new brand to grow up, become educated, learn how to move in the world and have character.

    Of course, if all goes well, like a proud parent, you can watch your new brand become successful, prosperous and who knows, maybe even one day famous.

    The prospectus arrived and looks fantastic!! The branding is so strong now that we have some printed materials, and portrays a very good image of the school to prospective families joining us in the future.
    Woking High School

    brand guidelines

    Armed with a beautiful logo, meaningful strap line and a consistent message to shout from the roof tops, you're ready to face the world with your sparkling new identity. All seems to be going wonderfully...

    BUT... you've noticed IT have changed the colours of the logo on the Intranet. Oh, and the Art department have changed the font of the strapline for their latest poster. Now Geography seems to be using a strange mixture of the two...

    Managing a school brand can be a difficult task with so many people being responsible for outward communications. That is where a simple set of brand guidelines can come to the rescue. They act a little like the Ten Commandments but without all the lightning and shouting and will make sure that when you, another member of staff or an external design company creates something new they will be following the same set of rules and shouting the same thing as you are from the roof tops.

    Brand application

    As you can see, the branding process takes a definite step-by-step approach, and the final step is to take your new identity and apply it to your marketing and communications collateral.

    This could be your website, prospectus, magazine, stationery, business cards, minibus and signage to name but a few. By following the guidelines we’ve already established you can ensure consistency both now and with any projects you undertake with School Website or anyone else in the future.

    And when you finally launch your brand new look, why not use it as an excuse to open some champagne, put your best clothes on, invite the local press and generally make a big old fuss about what we've achieved together.