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Apps for schools: creating a unique app

Apps for schools: creating a unique app

The need for mobile apps for schools in a world where responsive design has become a must-have has been debated fiercely over the past couple of years.

At School Website, we share the view of the "cynic" and believe apps are not an necessity for all schools. A website with responsive design should be top of any school marketer's to-do list as research has shown smartphone owners are more likely to use their device to access the internet than an app.

But unlike most naysayers, we do believe there is a place for apps in a school's marketing strategy - just as long as it serves a purpose.

An app for a school should do both or either of these two things:

  • solve a problem
  • add to the user experience

Creating a unique app for your school

As an app should be made for a specific purpose, each school's app should be unique to that school. When deciding on whether your school needs an app and what its purpose will be, you should identify:

  • what is the problem and how will an app solve this
  • how will an app add to the user's experience

An example of how an app can achieve both of these is: Your school sends out a monthly newsletter which no parents read and by the time it is sent most the content is not relevant anymore. Creating a news app for the school that sends push notifications to parents when it is updated will mean they receive and read the news as soon as it happens.

Once a problem is identified, an app can help resolve it - and, in turn, add to the user experience. If you have any more questions about apps for schools, please contact one of our specialists.