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about us

our core values

Led by Founder & CEO, Daniel Clarke, the team at School Website are a talented and enthusiastic group of individuals from all corners of the world. Our diversity of cultures gives depth to our work, and to our play. We share a vision and passion for creating, developing and delivering beautiful, intelligent and innovative products.

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at school website YOU'LL ALWAYS be the big fish

Everyone likes to feel special, the big fish in the small bowl. As we’ve grown as a business, this is something that we’ve worked hard never to forget. It is why we have developed a client centric approach that is not about us, but all about putting your school on centre stage regardless of size, budget or project objectives. We want to make sure you feel like you are our only client, our most important client, that no question is a silly question and that we are always here for you when you need us to be.

It begins with taking the time to build relationships with our key points of contact and really getting to know the school, its objectives and its stakeholders face-to-face. It continues with key stages of the project always being handled in person and us making sure you have the support, guidance and expertise you need throughout production. It ends with a happy client, great end product and the start of a new and lasting relationship that is just the beginning of being a part of the School Website Community.

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At the very heart of School Website is a creative design agency – a hugely talented one at that. Going back as far as we can remember, our creativity has always got us noticed and helped us and our clients stand out from the crowd. For us, that creativity goes beyond making pretty pictures, it’s about using our creativity to design and build effective customer journeys that achieve measurable results.

With more than 15 very different designers and creatives making up the studio, headed up by our creative director, who is undoubtedly one of the most talented designers on the planet, we are unique in having the ability to match the designer and their style to each individual project.

Every day that our designers walk into the studio they are challenged to do something new and exciting, to break away from the norm and create something special for our clients, which is why, we believe our portfolio has the strength and depth it does.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence
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At School Website we put as much emphasis on technology as we do creativity, to the extent that we could just as easily be known as a software development company. We make sure our clients as well as ourselves are exposed to what’s cutting edge and create software that changes outcomes.

With a large software development team in-house, we do not have the reliance on third party or open source platforms that other agencies do. We prefer to remain fully in control of our own destiny, shaping the software that we create to meet the changing demands of our clients, who continue to be the driving influence for shaping our product roadmaps.

The award winning FluencyCMS platform is just one example of our software development expertise in action, however we also have admissions, e-commerce, parent app, newsletter creation and school sport software which are used by many thousands of schools across the world to meet the digital marketing demands of our clients and their stakeholders.

Likewise, we continue to invest heavily in our technology and the techniques used within our studio, making sure that our staff always have the latest technology at their disposal, as well as having the time and freedom to explore the latest trends in the industry, as well as creating a few of their own!

a marketing team to back you up

At School Website, we recognise that the job of marketing a school has changed dramatically over the last five years. Technology continues to drive an ever-growing expectation amongst parents and as a result a small team (sometime just one person working part time) is tasked with the role of marketing and communications across a whole school.

Fortunately, we’ve changed over the last five years as well, and have created a whole in-house marketing and communications team with the sole purpose of supporting our clients and helping them achieve their digital marketing objectives, whatever they might be.

We have SEO, Pay-per-click (PPC) and Social Media specialists, digital marketing, budgeting and content marketing strategists headed up by our own guru of marketing, Alta Justus all of which you get direct access to as a School Website client. You will also have a dedicated Account Manager as your main point of contact above and beyond the technical support services which is the only level of support most other agencies can offer.

Not only do we have the marketing support team to give you the 1:1 guidance you need, but we also give you exclusive access to regular whitepapers, webinars, training, lunch and learns, and access to the School Website Roadshow, all without any additional cost to you or your school. The marketing support service we offer is not only unique to us, but also is one of the key reasons why we have so many clients that continue to want to work with us beyond the first iterations of their website.

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